Frequently asked questions

If we get asked the same question multiple times, we try to put it up here. So this is a list that grows with time. If you do not find the answer to what you were looking for or you want more details, please let us know.


What are the different kind of surveys supported in Insight Magnet?

Are survey templates available?

Does Insight Magnet support anonymous surveys?


What are the different types of questions available?


Weighted Ranking

Conjoint Analyses


Can I show/not show a question based on the user/employee attributes?

Can I show/not show a question based on the answers to the previous questions?

Do you support multi-lingual surveys? And what about translating text responses from other languages back into %h3 English?

Are white-label surveys available?

Can I customize the survey response screen?

Do I have to design the surveys myself? Is any help available?

Do you support automated/ongoing/transactional surveys? I would like to send out surveys for all customers who %h3 completed the Satisfaction Survey last week. Can I automate that?

What about reminders?

When is a survey considered complete? Can I define my own conditions?

Do you have any recommendations for “Surveying best practices”?

Integration of data sources

How do I load other data that I would like to analyze the results by?

For Talent Magnet, how do I import my organizational structure into the system? Can I update it at a later time with the recent version of the same?

Can Insight Magnet be used to scrape Facebook or Twitter?

Can I extract data out of Insight Magnet?

Can I extract raw data captured in a survey?

Can I export data from Insight Magnet into SAS/SPSS/other statistical tool/my corporate data warehouse/Excel etc.?

Silent Attributes

What are silent attributes?

Do I need to have silent attributes in order to use Insight Magnet?

What constitutes a good silent attribute? When would you advise against using a field as a silent attribute?

Analytical Capabilities

What are the kind of analyses available?

Can I export data to Excel or other tools for further analysis?

Can the dashboards be customized to my preferences?

What Text Analytics capabilities are available?

Is real-time alerting supported?

Is a live feed of the results available?

Can I identify the location of survey respondents?

Is the time taken the answer the surveys measured and tracked? Is it available for analysis?

Temporal (time based) Analyses

Can I track the customer satisfaction for a customer over time?

How much history is available in the system?

Can I refer/reference the answers to the same question answered previously when I present a question to a repeat user?

Can I see Year over Year (YOY), Month over Month (MOM) reports? Are there any reports available to flag changes and deviations from the norm?

Why is temporal analyses important?

How do I benefit from time based analyses when using Talent Magnet?

Getting Started

How do I get started with Insight Magnet?

Can I use Insight Magnet only to analyze my data without using your surveying capabilities?

Can I analyze my weekly Customer Satisfaction survey data in Insight Magnet?

What is Customer 360?

What are the data sources supported in Customer 360?

What do I need to start using Insight Magnet?

Can Insight Magnet be deployed on my premises?

Can I use Insight Magnet and Talent Magnet together?

Can you provide on-site consulting support?

How long does it take to get up and running on Insight Magnet?

When is Insight Magnet not a good fit?

Are there any restrictions on the type of data I can collect and analyze in Insight Magnet?

What kind of support would I need to get started with Insight Magnet?

Can I ask for customizations to the User Interface (UI), metrics, reporting, data mapping or other facets of the service?

Service Offerings

What are the various service offerings of Insight Magnet?

Are there any prerequisites to using a particular service?

Technology Platform

What technology is used in building Insight Magnet?

Insight Magnet is a complex system based and designed on the cloud architecture. We proudly use Ruby on Rails for majority of our platform. However, when the situation demands we will use the best available technologies to implement the functionality. For example, in our current plaform, some of the complex functionality is written in C++. Some of the artificial intelligence algorithms and decision trees are written in Lisp. All of this is largely traspaent to the customer and end user.

Is the Insight Magnet platform open sourced?

No. We do from time to time make components of our platform available for use to the open source community.

Can I access the platform using an API?

Most of the user visible plaform is based on a standards compliant REST API. The API can support use cases, if you have a special need to access some of the functionality of Insight Magnet through an external application.

Data Security and Privacy

How do I know that my data is secure?

What privacy measures will be used to safeguard my data?

Where will Insight Magnet host my system?

Will I be using a shared infrastructure?

Can I have my own private infrastructure that is not shared with any other customer?

Yes you can. We typically are deployed using a shared infrastructure commonly used across SaSS applications and services. But if you wish, we can provide you with a fully private infrastructure where you will be using your application on a completely isolated system and will never share the system with any other customer.


Who is using Insight Magnet and Talent Magnet?

Insight Magnet has been in business for more than 8 years and the platform has been time tested and validated by our customers. What we have today is largely thanks to our early customers, who have challanged us to develop solutions to map to their specific business needs.

Our customers span several verticals - Hospitality, Retail, Insurance, Market Research to name a few. Higher percentage of customers are in the US, but the non-US segment of our business is growing.

As a matter of policy, we do not disclose customer names. We do have several stories of how customers are using Insight Magnet that give a good feel about the value we bring to the table.

Why are there no customers listed on the website?

Because of the kind of engagement we have with our customers, we deal with some of the most prized data assets of the Customer. In addition to data, the inferences distilled from the feedback have direct bearing on not only the customer but also the competitive segment they are positioned in. As a matter of policy from day one, we do not disclose the names of our customers and maitain complete privacy about their data and research.


How is the Insight Magnet service priced?

Insight Magnet and Talent Magnet is priced on a subscription based based on an annual term. Based on your specific requirements, number of employees/customers involved, types of surveys you intend to conduct, we will be happy to prepare a custom quote for you. If you need more information, please let us know.

What is the satisfaction guarantee?

For new customers, we offer a "100% Money Back" satisfaction guarantee. Its quite simple. During the course of your first term, if for any reason you are not satisfied with Insight Magnet, we return your money. No questions asked. Looking for the fine print and T&C's, there aren't any!