Insight Magnet service enables you to review, measure, align and manage your Talent assets and we refer to these offerings as Talent Magnet. It is usually an internal system that is limited to the employees of a company. A variety of one-off or ongoing surveys can be performed using the underlying infrastructure that maps to the organization views from the HR system.

Every word coming from an Employee counts. That’s why Talent Magnet is designed to listen to every word from every employee. Using the sophisticated analytics refined from use in complex customer management applications, Talent Magnet provides you with a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative methodology based on objective feedback from employees to understand what drives people in your organization. Talent Magnet is designed to help you understand the breadth of factors that drive behavior in your workplace and provide you an objective understanding of people who make your organization strong.

Pulse Surveys

A highly engaged employee gives your workplace a strategic differentiator. Pulse surveys is a commonly used tool to understand the employee experience within the organization and generate actionable insights to create a highly engaged workforce.

Get a quick measure of engagement from your employees at any time. Focus or target a small group or the entire team. Capture and analyze engagement and sentiment across organizational dimensions or over time.


Employees who have a positive experience in the first 90 days on the new job are 10 times more likely to stay longer and recommend others to join the organization. Take the mystery out of the experience questions and use Talent Magnet to quantify the employee experience using the onboarding surveys.

Integrate recruiting with your Talent Onboarding. Track and manage the experience of onboarding new hires. Start capturing employee engagement, growth, performance and contributions from day one on the job.

Performance Management

Incorporate feedback from all interactions of an employee into creating a coherent, relevant and objective assessment of an employee. Create a measureable development plan that yields maximum benefits for the employee resulting in improved performance for your organization

Measure performance against goals, collect meaningful feedback, attribute recognition for accomplishments and complete performance appraisals based on objective data in a fraction of the time. Set goals at individual or team level and track performance over time.

Succession Planning/ Leadership Development

Organizations with coherent strategy for executive development follow a formal/informal process to develop successor candidates. The objective identification of their developmental needs and ongoing tracking is key to making the program effective.

Insight Magnet provides an objective dashboard to access your current workforce based on objective data to identify potential candidates. Fine grained developmental needs can be identified based on the current and future job duties of the individual. Ongoing tracking highlights the progress and identifies areas that need attention.

180o Manager Assessment

These initiatives are becoming more frequent as we often get involved in helping out with Manager Assessments. It is well known and understood that for the most part the interactions with the manager account for the major basis of how engaged the employee feels and his/her perception of the company. Customers are doing periodic manager assessments where feedback is sought from all the direct reports of the the manager. Feedback on domain specific, technical, interpersonal, team, developmental issues among other is sought. We also collect open-ended feedback where direct reports provide their subjective assessment of strengths and areas of development as perceived by them.

This timely feedback help companies assess the alignment of the managers with the company goals and have a individualized development plan for key managers. Executives can assess the qualities of each manager in the context of the executive function and also get a first hand picture of employee engagement among the direct reports.

360o Reviews

Many companies today are using feedback from more than one person in creating reviews for an employee. As the employee interacts his/her co-workers who may be above (managers/supervisors), below (direct reports) or sideways (peers, co-workers from other groups) from him/her, each interaction can provide a glimpse into the talent and development needs for the employee. These are often specific to the orientation of the employee-reviewer relationship and most importantly vary widely with the position of the employee in the organizational chart. Many organizations have the intent to collect anonymous 360 feedback for employees that would result in relevant and objective data that would drive the assessment and development of the employee.

Gather and analyze valuable objective feedback from all orientations for an employee. Distill the learnings into accolades and identify actionable areas of development. Manage the process effortlessly without involving paper or processing nightmares or adding additional reviewing burdens for employees.

9 box Talent Grids

9-box talent grid (sometimes referred to as 9-box grid, 9-box model) is a commonly used tool for succession planning. By plotting the employee performance against potential, employees can be segmented into “boxes” that have a distinct implication for organizational development.

Simplify your existing process of collecting data and analyzing results for 9 box analysis. Get fine grained visibility based on levels and orientation of feedback. Choose your own performance and potential metrics and have the 9 box placements calculated for you based on objective feedback.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews when done correctly reveal detailed, actionable insights highlighting the “Why” and the “real” reasons behind the employee’s departure. This opportunity of learn about your organization is unique and cannot be substituted by any other means -- surveys of existing employees, metrics from comparable organizations fall short of capturing this “segment of one”.

Understand the “Why” behind the event. Transform departing employees into valuable organizational development consultants. Capture valuable feedback from Exit interviews. Integrate the learnings into the core Talent Management system. Stop wondering about the mystery surrounding the employee’s departure and start knowing facts and actionable insights.

Employee 360o

Most organizations have to deal with disconnected silos of employee information. Annual reviews do not connect with performance tracking, recruiting function does not have insights into employee onboarding, feedback from exit interviews never gets to current managers and recruiters. Not having the dots connected leads to having to reinvent the wheel and often suffer productivity losses because of not having timely access to actionable information.

Access your employee Talent Information at any time in your very own secure environment. Get real time inputs for Succession Planning. Review Year over Year metrics of Employee growth and engagement.