Insight Magnet

  • helps you understand what matters to your customers and employees.
  • provides a decision support framework for your follow-on actions.
  • enables you to track the impact and effectiveness of the management decisions over time.

Insight Magnet goes through the following steps to accomplish the stated goals -

  • Collects feedback using surveys, polls or embedded conversations. Imports and updates relevant data from other enterprise sources.
  • Analyzes the numeric, structured, open-text and unstructured data using our proprietary analytics engine.
  • Distills and discerns actionable insights which are backed up by trends and patterns in the data along with root causes from verbatim feedback.

The timely insights generated by Insight Magnet identify the areas of the business that need attention along with the root causes behind the symptoms. This is true regardless of the surveying methodology, frequency, or, key performance indicators (KPIs) used within an organization. When managed over time, the focus areas combined with the root causes provides the Decision Support and Monitoring Framework to implement changes that can move the KPIs in the right direction.

Feedback is collected using surveys, polls, reviews, or, embedded conversations. Surveys can be sent out as a one time campaign (annual customer survey) or as an ongoing project (customer satisfaction survey based on shipped orders). We can also import data that you have collected using other means.

Feedback is usually a combination of numeric (structured) and open-text (unstructured) responses. We analyze structured and unstructured data using our proprietary analytics engine. We do this in real time ensuring that the results derived are available immediately. The analysis targets your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and focuses on identifying patterns, trends and deviations from the norm. Root causes usually hidden in the verbatim feedback are then correlated to the numerical artifacts.

How customers use Insight Magnet

The starting point varies, but typically Insight Magnet is used in one or more of the following stages. Depending on the customer environment, the platform can be configured to leverage existing assets and provide additional capabilities where needed.


Collect feedback from surveys, polls or reviews. You can also include data from previously completed surveys. Add silent attributes and business specific hierarchies and dimensional information.


Process and analyze the collected data. KPIs are calculated, Trends and patterns are identified. Anomalies are flagged. Root cause analysis is performed to provide the context around the numbers.


Start with the Dashboards that are ready for you review and research. Decide on the follow-up actions. Most of your actions and follow-ups can be tracked right within the platform.

Our Service Offerings

We offer tailored solutions focused either on Customers or Employees. Powered by the common platform, these solutions are optimized for the domain they serve. Services can be tailored to your specific needs.

Listen to the Voice of the Customer, understand the content, context and root causes behind the feedback and sentiment. Improve Customer Service, refine the Product Roadmap based on real customer input. Improve your NPS or SAT scores.

Use the insights to delight your customer with exceptional Customer Experience.

View Customer Feedback Solutions.

Understand what matters to your employees. Act on the findings to improve Employee Engagement, effortlessly complete objective Performance Reviews, and, set and track measurable and individualized Development Plans.

Use the insights for Talent Management and Organizational Development.

View Employee Feedback Solutions.

The platform that powers the services

Insight Magnet is a sophisticated cloud-based platform consisting of several components that work together to provide the capabilities necessary for timely. effective, and result-oriented analysis of customer or employee feedback. At its core is a high-performance analytics engine that is designed from the ground up to work with structured and unstructured data. This unique capability is essential for thorough and correlated analysis of customer and employee feedback which consists of structured and unstructured data. This engine enables us to aggregate, segment, correlate, analyze, and distil insights from large amounts of heterogeneous data in real-time.

When dealing with structured data, the analytics engine has a vast array of advanced analytical capabilities including segmentation, filtering, roll-ups, drill-downs, clustering, OLAP analyses, statistical calculations, data mining, and, predictive analytics.

When processing unstructured textual data the linguistic capabilities of the engine are highlighted. The engine has built-in support for Natural Language Processing (NLP), keyword clouds, word trees, N-grams, categorization, sentiment extraction, and, support for multiple languages including the reverse translation of captured feedback.

When used with structured and unstructured data together, the engine is capable of producing word bands, heat maps, Sankey analyses, theme trends, attribute based clustering -- all of which is essential for comprehensive analyses of heterogeneous data sets.

The analytical engine is complemented by flexible data collection adapters enabling the collection of data from a variety of sources including surveys, polls or existing enterprise software systems. Results and findings are available in a variety of easy to use channels such as dashboards, analytical workbenches or feeds. All the captured data and derived metrics can be exported out of the system for further analysis or for updates into other enterprise systems.

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